Wilo-DrainLift WS 40 Basic


Synthetic pumps station


Wilo-DrainLift WS 40 Basic is an automatically operating wastewater lifting unit in accordance with EN 12050-2 for backup-free drainage of sewage that does not contain faeces and that originates from building discharge points below the backflow level. The system can be installed in buildings as well as outside buildings in the same way as a plastic pump chamber in the ground. The system is ideally suited for applications that involve seasonal wastewater (such as at camping sites, weekend homes, etc.) or in regions where the ground does not freeze to very deep levels.

Built-in pump

TC 40

For severely contaminated fluids; 40 mm free ball passage

Type key

Example: Wilo-DrainLift WS 40E/TC40 (3~)-BV
WS Synthetic pumps station
40 Pressure outlet of the system
E E = single-pump system
D = double-pump system
TC 40 Built-in pump
(3~) Three-phase motor
BV Non-return ball valve

Special features/product advantages

  • Pressure-tight sump for subterranean and aboveground installation
  • Flexible due to free selection of inlets
  • Large tank volume
  • Including pipework, level control, switchgear and pump


Complete system with pump as well as all monitoring and control units


  • For supply line in DN 100/DN 150
  • Ventilation pipe connection in DN 70
  • Maximum pressure in the pressure pipe 1,5 bar.
  • Synthetic pumps station made of recyclable PE
  • Highest degree of upward pressure reliability and inherent stability due to finning
  • Inlets freely selectable on-site.
  • Versions: WS…E: Single-pump system; WS…D: Double-pump system

In the case of double-pump systems, the pressure line connection must be established on-site.

Scope of delivery

  • Tank (for single or double pump system)
  • Built-in pipework
  • Non-return ball valve
  • Including pump
  • Level switching
  • Switchgear (for three-phase pump or double-pump system)
  • Cover with seal (can be walked on, supporting a weight up to 200 kg)
  • Hole saw Ø 124 mm, inlet seal DN 100 (for pipe Ø 110 mm)
  • 1 PVC hose section Ø 50 mm with clamps for connection of a diaphragm hand pump
  • Fixation material for floor fixation
  • Installation and operating instructions