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Air Blower

GT Type Roots Blower

We have introduced modern technologies in Air Blower in Bangladesh. We are supplying high quality energy efficient three-lobe Air blower in Bangladesh. Our principles lie well-anchored in innovation and we have thrived in the lead of the Bangladesh and Asian market, placing us on par with Western engineering standards. We remain unstoppable when it comes to super-competitive costs and effectiveness of production, with easy maintenance for endu...

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About Wilo: Founded in 1872 as Kupfer- und Messingwarenfabrik in Dortmund, Germany. Wilo has evolved from being a local specialist to a global player. As the majority shareholder with a stake of approximately 90 percent, the Caspar Ludwig Opländer Foundation ensures the company’s continuity and independence. An uncompromising customer-driven mind-set, immediate market proximity and, in particular, our culture of innovation have made us who ...

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