Disc Diffuser

Industrial & Municipal wastewater treatment

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Brand: GoldenTech Diffuser
Country Of Origin Taiwan
Diffuser Model  Size Capacity
  mm m3/hr
Disk Diffuser 260 5~8
Disk Diffuser 320 15
Disk Diffuser 300 12


Duty Parameter
→ Support Dish: ABS
→ Diameter: up to 13 Inch
→ Connection: ¾” PT
→ Operation Temp: up to 100˚C

Design Features
→ High grade EPDM, silicon materials

→ Industrial & Municipal wastewater treatment
→ Aeration of fish pond
→ Aeration of streams and lakes
→ Sludge stabilization

Material of Construction
→ MOC- Body : Reinforced ABS
→ Circular Cover : Reinforced ABS
→ Membrane: High Grade EPDM


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