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Grampus Pump P – series

Wastewater lift station, municipal wastewater treatment plant.

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1. Waste water treatment plant, pumping station, general water system.
2. Building waste water treatment system.
3. Drainage waste water from the livestock or farm.
4. Drainage waste water from school, hospital, government and community.
5. Industrial waste water from food, paper, mining, textile, leather industry or other industrial applications.

1. Special designed for flow route, it is suitable to pump sludge, sewage or excrement.
2. Impeller adopts special material. Strongly design and durability. Easy to discharge various sewage and waste water.
3. Equipped with dual mechanical seal, excellent water-resistance, superior structure, easy to maintain, extend the life of pump.
4. Motor is class F insulation, in oil bath and enclosure is IP68 grade of protection. Motor overload protector is optional accessory.
5. Pump is equipped extra venting bolt completely to prevent from the air lock and keeps the flow route steady.

Model Power Description Discharge Line Actual Capacity Actual Head  
P-123 2 HP 50HZ/380V/3Phase 3 inch 18 m3/h 9 m  
P-312 1 HP 50HZ/380V/3Phase 2 inch 10.8 m3/h 8 m  
P -3104 10 HP 50HZ/380V/3Phase 4 inch 72 m3/h 10 m  

Remark: P series Pump Full SS

→ Grampus

→ Wastewater lift station, municipal wastewater treatment plant.
→ Building wastewater treatment system.
→ Piggery excrement, animal & poultry farm.
→ wastewater treatment system

Material of Construction
→ Casing – SS (304/316L)
→ Impeller – SS (304/316L)


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