Granular Activated Carbon

Choose The Right Granular Activated Carbon

Green Genesis is proudly offering the widest line of world famous Granular Activated Carbon in Bangladesh. Though ultimately, we cooperate with you to select the right activated carbon based on treatment goals, systems and variability of material to be removed, the adsorption qualities of our Granular Activated Carbon make it an ideal option for the following applications:

Application of Granular Activated Carbon

Our Activated carbon is used in a wide range of applications for both in industrial application and residential application that consist of drinking water purification, ground and municipal water treatment, power plant and landfill gas emissions, and precious metal recovery. Air purification solutions include VOC removal and odor control.

Considered the most powerful adsorbent in this world, the activated carbon’s uses range from everyday water pitcher filters to the recovery of gold from ore in Carbon in Pulp/Carbon in Filter systems.


Pure Green Activated Carbon

Pure Green Activated Carbon is genuinely activated and it is an extremely porous material that attracts and holds a wide range of harmful contaminants. Activated carbon is carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making it even more attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules.

Appearance : Black Granular
Base : Coal
Moisture : max 5%
Hardness : min 85%
pH : 9-10
Iodine Value : 600-700 mg/gm min
Bulk Density : 0.50 g/ltr
Ash : max 5%
Surface Are : 500m 2 /gm
CTC Adsorption : min 45%


Hi-Carb Activated Carbon

Hi-Carb Activated Carbon is an acid washed high purity high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected Coconut Shells.
Some of the benefits of Hi-Carb Acid Wash carbon include Dechlorination of water, better taste, removal of bad odors, removal of color from water, removal of organic substances, etc. Acid wash carbon has extensive internal structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended
operational life, high volume activity, and rapid pH stabilization.
Acid wash carbon is used in various applications such as Condensate de-oiling, semiconductor process water, dialysis treatment, point of entry treatment units, and protection of reverse osmosis membranes from chlorine and organic fouling. Acid Washed Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

Iodine Value : Min 900 mg/g
Moisture content (as packed) : max 5%
CTC adsorption : min 55%
Total ash content : max 3%
Hardness : min 98%
pH : 9-11
Particle Size ( Mesh ) : 8 x 16


GAIA Activated Carbon

Gaia Carbon is based in Singaporean Company and their manufacturing plants in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Gaia Carbon always produces premium-quality coconut shell-based activated carbon by using modern technology to suit a diverse range of client needs – including Water Treatment Plant, Gold Purifying, gas phase, precious metal extraction and polyvinyl acetate catalyst support application. Gaia Carbon takes pride in being able to produce a superior quality product designed to suit the client’s requirement. From the selection of raw material to the delivery of the final product, Gaia Carbon’s manufacturing procedures and process are governed by stringent quality control to ensure its product’s superiority and it has always tested by their own laboratories. The production processes and quality controls are supported by a management team with two decades of experience and expertise in activated carbon manufacturing and application.GAIA Coconut Shell Activated Carbon produce from high quality coconut and it is activated by reaction with steam at a temperature of 850 °C – 1000 °C under controlled atmosphere in a rotary kiln. The reaction between steam and charcoal takes place at internal surface area, creating more sites for adsorption. Team of Gaia Activated Carbon is committed to furnishing its clients with a
superior product and this is reflected through our relentless pursuit of product and process

Product : Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Model No : Pureo C-100
Iodine Adsorption : min 1050mg/g
Ash : 3% max
Moisture : 5% max
Particle Size Distribution : 92% max
Bulk Density : min 0.45-0.55 g/ml
Hardness : 98% min