Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is an Environmental Engineering and Trading Company that mainly specializes in trading consumer products, industrial & commercial contractual water treatment plant (WTP) solution, deep tube well setup by rig machine system (e.g. Garments, Textiles factories, Leather factories, Sugar mill etc.) and solutions for swimming pool. Apart from these, all sorts of maintenance & services are active after executing a project anywhere in the country. The company is moving forward steadily and has obtained some favourable achievements in its 6-year journey. It is our industrial & commercial water solution to remain the gold standard of the water and natural resources sectors – where engineering is the essential part of what we do. We are committed to make sustainable and efficient use of resources in our own communities and throughout the world. We can meet the needs of individual markets by focusing on them strategically due to our unique divisional structure. We play an instrumental role not only in bringing quality products to customers and creating international brand awareness but also creating an ever-growing and stronger distribution network. As an importer the company has already gained a respectful position and created business links around the globe and then trading and distributing the products locally in Bangladesh. Especially for the Industrial sector the major associations are: WILO from Germany, DYNAMIC PUMPS AND MOTORS from Italy, GRAMPUS PUMPS from Taiwan & MECON from Taiwan. For Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP) & Sewage Treatment Plant (STP); GOLDEN TECH a Taiwan company tagged along with Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. as an honourable import & export product business Other major associated companies like MARATHON MOTORS, SEKO, BIOROCK, OLTREMARE, TORAY, PENTAIR, GENESYS INTERNATIONAL and G-ION RESIN are also merging with the company as product import and export business simultaneously. The company consists of high level staff team with advanced marketing and managerial expertise, with their long experience and skill the Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. Company has reached the top in its sector. We are always committed to make sustainable and efficient use of resources in our own communities and throughout the world to ensure we keep our planet green for the better future generations.

Who we are
Founded in 2013 Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is a professional engineering company doing green business and offering water purification and related services with a team of professional and skilled workers & management offering a large portfolio of water treatment/management services designed to help plant personnel and end user organizations to get the most out of their water treatment system. We offer dependable high quality products in Bangladesh that is rather difficult to find if to be purchased directly from the manufacturers. We are, therefore, dedicated to bringing the greatest valued solutions and providing the supreme customer experience in meeting water treatment and environmental solutions needs through our pioneering technology solutions, products, and services. Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is now acclaimed to be the best one stop service and solution provider in water, waste water, desalination, demineralization, effluent, sewage treatment in Bangladesh.We will continue to make optimistic contributions to industry, society, and environment.


Empowered and technically capable people

Empowered and technically capable people


Identification of Shared Goals and Values
A trusted supplier, partner
Mutual Respect
Collaborative approach to business
Willing to challenge and innovate
Seeking enduring customer relationships
Settlements of disputes


Smallest assignment to world scale developments
Comprehensive geographic presence
Global expertise delivered locally
Responsive to customer preferences
Optimum customized solutions
Business Development Skills
Effective Communication
Setting Realistic Expectations with Clients


Industry leadership in environmental performance
Effective tools, software, and hardware — to accomplish its work
Delivering on our promises on or below deadline
Innovative delivering value to our customers

We make a difference in people’s lives

Water is our world; fresh, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable worldwide. That is why it is all the more important to obtain this valuable resource efficiently and to use it sparingly.
Here too, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is playing a key role in setting the pace for overcoming one of the major challenges of our time.

A pioneering spirit is what drives us
Every industrial sector has specific yet complex requirements when it comes to production technology and the material of the components used. We, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. therefore have developed a wide range of solutions and products for our customers which are promisingly for efficient and reliable water management.