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Founded in 2013 Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is a professional engineering company doing green business and offering water purification and related services with a team of professional and skilled workers & management offering a large portfolio of water treatment/management services designed to help plant personnel and end-user organizations to get the most out of their water treatment system. We offer dependable, high-quality products in Bangladesh that are rather difficult to find if purchased directly from the manufacturers. We are, therefore, dedicated to bringing the greatest valued solutions and providing the supreme customer experience in meeting water treatment and environmental solutions needs through our pioneering technology solutions, products, and services. Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is now acclaimed to be the best one-stop service and solution provider in water, wastewater, desalination, demineralization, effluent, and sewage treatment in Bangladesh. We will continue to make optimistic contributions to industry, society, and the environment.

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Water is our world; fresh, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable worldwide. That is why it is all the more important to obtain this valuable resource efficiently and to use it sparingly. Here too, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. is playing a key role in setting the pace for overcoming one of the major challenges of our time.

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Every industrial sector has specific yet complex requirements when it comes to production technology and the material of the components used. We, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. therefore have developed a wide range of solutions and products for our customers which are promisingly for efficient and reliable water management.


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Slide Location Info Green Genesis invites you to visit our location Invitation Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka +880 1700 665555 support@greengenesisbd.com Location Info Location Info Location Info Location Info Mahmud Tower, Siddique Bazar Block- KA, Mirpur- 10, Dhaka Amtoli, Mohakhali, Dhaka Nawabpur Tower, Dhaka +880 1700 665555 +880 1700 665555 +880 1700 665555 +880 1700 665555 support@greengenesisbd.com support@greengenesisbd.com support@greengenesisbd.com support@greengenesisbd.com

Some of the partners & clients
we’ve worked with


A. K. M Ataul Korim

After completion of MBA, Mr. Korim has come up with a way to face the challenges of the severe drinking water crisis in Bangladesh. He started to explore the field of water resources, studied the latest technologies of water treatment. For the last 20 years he struggled and worked hard to establish his own firm, Green Genesis Engineering Limited. He developed the skilled manpower to handle the latest technologies of water treatment systems. Green Genesis Engineering Limited is now acclaimed to be the best one stop service and solution provider in water, waste water, desalination, demineralization, effluent, sewage treatment in Bangladesh. He has been awarded as the best Talented Businessman for improving the basic business techniques “BRISTOL BLUE” in the UNITED KINGDOM in 2014.

Managing Director

Engr. Mohammad Abdul Karim

He has completed his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. He is a performance driven person with more than 17 years of experience in this sector. He is well known for a result driven and detail oriented engineering professional accomplished in design and development of sophisticated products for the advancement of the company.



He is a qualified MBA degree holder. Spent 18 years and specialized for searching products and importing the same from abroad. He has a practical experience in Marketing, has build up and developed a large customer group from the very beginning of the company. He is having a very hands-on approach and is known for providing customers and distributors with practical guidance. He has served in a multinational company before co-owning Green Genesis Engineering Limited.


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