Ancillary products

Ancillary products
Ro Antiscalant in Bangladesh

Ancillary product selection

Selecting an effective solution/strong> Genesys RO Chemicals introduce a wide range of additional RO Membrane Chemicals which include membrane compatible flocculants for feed water optimization, biocides for on line dosing and off line sanitization. In addition we also supply specialty chemicals for chlorine reduction and corrosion protection in permeate supply lines.
Feed water source Genesys product Application Additional information Data
Biocide Genesol 30 Biofilm control – on line dosing and CIP Detailed dose rates please contact Genesys
Biocide Genesol 32 Biofilm control, off line sanitisation and membrane storage As above. Also read AG6
Flocculant Genefloc GPF Membrane compatible flocculant Also read AG4. The safe use of cationic flocculants with reverse osmosis membranes
Flocculant Genefloc PWF Membrane compatible flocculant, potable grade
Flocculant, algaecide & Biocide Genefloc ABF Flocculant with additional biocide and algaecide activity for on line use Ideal for open intakes and ponds with algae problems
Chlorine Reducer Genesys RED Removal of residual chlorine from feed water
Corrosion Protection Genetech CP Corrosion inhibitor for permeate distribution systems

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The process of Packaged STP is depending of characteristic of sewage however we are describing the typical process of Package STP in follows:

Their services are among the best to be honest. Making everything simple and easy, even for beginners and novices like me and my wife.

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Bryan Freeman

Their services are among the best to be honest. Making everything simple and easy, even for beginners and novices like me and my wife.


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Ancillary products are additional items or services that are offered to complement or enhance a primary product or service. They may include products such as warranties, accessories, or upgrades that are intended to improve the performance or functionality of the primary product.

Ancillary products can benefit a business by increasing revenue and profit margins. By offering additional products and services, a business can create more value for its customers, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Some examples of ancillary products include extended warranties for electronics, travel insurance for vacation packages, and car accessories such as floor mats or bike racks.

Businesses should determine which ancillary products to offer based on customer needs and preferences, as well as the potential profitability of the products. Conducting market research and analyzing sales data can help businesses make informed decisions about which ancillary products to offer.

Best practices for marketing ancillary products include clearly communicating the benefits and value of the products to customers, offering competitive pricing, and providing excellent customer service throughout the sales process. Additionally, businesses can use targeted advertising and email marketing campaigns to reach customers who are most likely to be interested in the ancillary products.