Explosion-Proof Sewage Submersible Pump

Explosion-Proof Sewage Submersible Pump


  1. Certificate: Taiwan TS explosion-proof unit certification, Zone1 and Group IIB T4 standard.
  2. Special sealed and designed of pressure-proof and explosion-proof motors for preventing the external structure from exploding due to explosion pressure when the gas in the motor casing is detonated.
  3. Motor specification: IE4(Super Premium), insulation grade F (155°C) of dry induction motor, explosion-proof grade EX d IIB T4 GB.
  4. ”External Tem. Control wire” &” Auto-cut” which prevents the motor from overheat.
  5. Thick EPOXY coating is better corrosion-resistance and rust-resistance.


  1. In a hazardous area such as Zone1, Group IIB T4, the gas, vapor or mist, and the mixture of air will turn the environment into the explosive environment, which may be used in common circumstances and in places where it may exist.
  2. It is used in closed areas with biogas, chemical, flammable, explosive gas, dust, etc.
  3. Suitable for chemical, petroleum, mining, power plants, sewage treatment plants, sewer systems, livestock farms, industrial and agricultural wastewater discharge.

Explosion Proof Sewage Submersible Pump_Structural Drawing Grumpus pump-01

Explosion Proof Sewage Submersible Pump Dimension Grumpus pump-01

Performance Curve

Explosion Proof Sewage Submersible Pump Performance curve-01

Type Frequency Phase Power Discharge Pole/Rotation Std.Head Std.Flow Max.Head Max.Flow MA Weight Solid Passage
HZ PH HP KW Inch mm P/rpm M M3/Min M M3/Min KG mm
EX-323 50 2 1.5 3" 80 2P / 2850 10 0.3 16 0.6 55 40
EX-333 50 3 2.2 3" 80 2P / 2850 11 0.4 17 0.9 57 40
EX-353 50 5 3.7 3" 80 2P / 2850 14 0.5 22 1.1 60 40