Kalimati Activated Carbon

Kalimati Activated Carbon
Kalimati Activated Carbon

kalimati Carbon is a leading manufacturer, developer, and supplier of high-grade activated carbon used in a wide range of industrial applications including gas and air, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, industrial catalysts, energy, power, and mining.

How does Activated Carbon work?

Due to its large surface area and specific surface chemistry. activated carbon can adsorb large quantities of dissolved organic pollutants from water into its internal pores. A general rule of thumb to determine how well the compound will be adsorbed is the more hydrophobic (or less water soluble), the more adsorbable the compound.

Adsorbability Example of compounds
Very good Naphtalene, Bisphenol-A, Destradiol
Good Benzene, Phenol Tetrachloroethylene
Moderate Chloroform, Monochloroethane
Poor Dichloromethane
Very poor Methanol, Acetone

PAC and GAC Whats the difference?

Generally, in order to remove biodegradable compounds and suspended solids from wastewater treatment methods such as bio- treatment, clarification and mechanical filtration are used. Activated carbon is mainly used for polishing purposes. The position of PAC or GAC in the process is outlined below. The best option PAC or GAC is determined on a case-by-case basis. The table summarizes the major features of each product.

Kalimati Activated Carbon

Application Support

Kalimati Activated Carbon

In addition to selecting an activated carbon grade, it is important to ensure proper and optimal use. Kalimati actively supports customers in the correct application of our products. Our application specialists are happy to share their extensive experience in the field of Purification of Pharmaceuticals, Water treatment etc. Examples of our assistance include:

    1. Selection of suitable activated carbon grades
    2. Set up and execution of pilot trials
    3. Optimization of PAC grades and dosing level
    4. GAC performance/Cost Optimization
    5. Analysis of PAC or GAC samples
    6. GAC reactivation studies
Kalimati Activated Carbon


In water purification, granular carbon removes impurities and contaminants through the chemical process of adsorption. But it is used in a wide range of applications besides water filtration. Carbon is an essential component in many different industries.