Submersible Aerator

Submersible Aerator
  1. This series of product can suck in air by turbine rotation. The air and liquid mix inside the pump. By discharging the resultant air-liquid mixture through the guide vane, we create the powerful aeration effect.
  2. The high efficiency design of air-liquid mixing allows this device to create homogeneous superfine air bubbles, which are then convected to the whole liquid body to reach super high degrees of dissolved oxygen(DO.)
  3. Dry motor is 3 phase, 4 pole, and class F (155oC) insulation and IEC IP68.
  4. Dual mechanical seal are made of silicon combined with wear-resistant, excellent lubricant and durable.
  5. Ball-bearing with high wear torque, low noise, low vibration and to extend the service lifetime.
  6. This pump can powerfully convect the air bubbles to every radial direction. The aeration effect covers the whole area without missing any corner.
  7. Thick EPOXY coating is better than common painting is corrosion-resistance and rust-resistance.

Industrial wastewater aeration treatment, animal husbandry sewage water aeration treatment, general sewer aeration engineering, aeration tank of the active slurry treatment in the plant, aeration of various industries and the apparatus of
mixing wastewater treatment.

Structural Drawing of of Grampus Submersible Aerator

Dimension of Grampus Submersible Aerator

Performance Curve

Performance curve of Grampus Submersible Aerator

Type Phase Start Method Voltage Power Discharge Pole Max Water Depth Air Flow Rate
Water Depth
50/60 HZ
No of Outlets Weight Solid Passage
PH Volt HP KW Inch mm P M M3/Hr KG mm
AJ-332 Direct 220/380 3 2.2 2" 50 4P 3.6 39/38 8 126 15
AJ-352 Direct 220/380 5 3.7 2" 50 4P 4 55/60 8 128 15