• Sinking Deep Tube-Well
  • Pumps and Pumping Systems
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Mobile Water Treatment Plant
  • Customized Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  • Membrane Based Desalination Water Treatment plant for Home, Office and Industry
  • Ultra-Pure Water Treatment Plant for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Complete Solution for Bottle/Jar Water, Swimming Pool & Spa Project
    Wide Range of Roots Blower, Diffuser, Sewage Pump and Industrial Pump
  • Wide Range of Water and Waste Water Treatment Components
  • Wide Range of Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (Membrane Based )
  • Waste Water Recycling Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (Membrane Based)
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plant (ZLD)
  • Consultancy Services


Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. Is having a well equipped work shop as well as the technical team facility of its own. Assembling and fabricating works of motor pumps, electrical panel board, and Maintenance & services of Motor, Pump, deep tube well, house-hold water purifiers, Customized Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment and Effluent Water Treatment Plants can be carried out efficiently and satisfactorily in this work shop.


Our organization faces hundreds of challenges every day. Between planning, deliverable and management duties, waste water treatment can seem like a pretty low priority but actually it isn’t to us. Unfortunately, it’s often not until something absolutely has to be done about an operation’s water treatment facilities that things get into motion. Luckily, that’s also where we can help.
At Clean water, we’re the specialists in treatment. We take care of it all. So organizations like yours can get on with the daily routine activities, without having a doubt and concern about drinking or using the water.
Our water treatment, Deep tube well, Swimming pool, WTP, ETP, STP consultants can help you to find a solution that matches your requirements, situation and budget.

We provide an extensive portfolio of tests relating to drinking water, waste water and environmental water samples. We equip our laboratories with state of the art instruments where more than 40 parameters are tested regularly. Our friendly knowledgeable chemist and support team are able to assist with any of your critical issues in water treatment field.