Top-quality electronic motor

Electric motor plays a vital role in every sector of the industry, and also in a wide range of applications. It is used in everyday life from pumping water up. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Every motor has two essential parts, the field winding & the armature winding. Field winding produces a fixed magnetic field, whereas armature winding looks like a conductor which is arranged within the magnetic field. Because of the magnetic field, the armature winding uses energy to generate an adequate torque to make the motor shaft turn. Electric motors can be divided into DC motors and AC motors. AC motors are primarily used for industrial uses, and they also have a higher power density and higher efficiency.

AC motors can be divided into synchronous motors and induction motors. Induction motors are also often called asynchronous motors. In an induction motor, the rotor runs slower than the rotating field of the stator. In other words, the rotor runs asynchronously to the magnetic field of the stator. The speed difference induces a voltage in the squirrel cage, which results in a magnetic field of the rotor. With the right control strategy, induction motors can today achieve similar high efficiencies as motors with permanent magnets.

Advancing the future of industrial machinery, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd is supplying Volt motors to its customers. Volt Motors is a product of Saya Group, a Turkish company, highly skilled with its cutting-edge technology of producing low-voltage industrial motors. It is also modern, eco-friendly, and efficient motors. It covers both Aluminium and Cast-Iron series motors for general purposes. It complies with the latest efficiency standards and describes motors for both the IE2 and IE3 efficiencies. Although Volt motor also has ranges for IE4 and this motors ingress protection IP 55. Green Genesis Engineering Ltd is confident in industrial solutions from our decades of experience with tough-to-treat, unique applications.

Expanding the possibilities of customization, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd. Supplies Dynamic electric motors to boost your business. This motor is cost-effective compare to others and also efficient. It includes general purpose motors made of cast iron. Although Dynamic Motor’s ingress protection is IP 55 and this motor’s also offers ranges for IE3.

Green Genesis Engineering Ltd are focused on creating a better world through smart and sustainable water solutions and helping our customers sustainably move, improve, and enjoy the water, life’s most essential resource. Residential, commercial, or industrial water management and everything in between, Green Genesis Engineering Ltd is focused on driving sustainability and innovation.