Energy Saving STP

Energy Saving STP
Energy Saving STP
  • Domestic Sewage Treatment of houses, hotels, villages (Capacities: 10 – 4000 m³/day).
  • Each unit capacity = 40-80 m3/day depending on effluent and influent characteristics and wastewater temperature.
  • Each Unit power requirement= 0,37 kW.
  • Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Technology.
  • Attach growth biofilm technology.
  • Features protected by Utility Model Certificate, Design Certificate, Registered Trade Mark, CE certificate.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance.
  • Economical – Low Energy Demand, up to 90 % energy saving compared to activated sludge, SBR system.
  • Due to system’s low energy demand, it is easily operable with solar energy.
  • No annoying smell or noise problems.
  • Decades of lifetime due to selection of material.
  • Consistent Process Results even against shock biological loads up to 250% changes.
  • Planettek